We seek to be trusted partners to our clients, using open communication and close collaboration to make the building process a team effort. Satisfied customers are the greatest testament to our capabilities, performance, and character. 

“My wife and I hired Asturi Construction to design and build a major addition/remodel to our 65-year-old home.  They did an excellent job, were pleasant to work with, and conducted the job in a professional and timely manner.  I was pleased with their quality work, and attention to detail. They kept and expanded the desirable original details (i.e. curved walls as they meet the inset ceiling) while adding new modern touches when appropriate.  Thanks, after 15 years we still love your design and workmanship!”

Terry Ferg

“Our lead contractor was Vinnie and I liked him from day one.  He’s been on the job for many years and is very knowledgeable.  He was always on the job site making sure things were progressing.  It was my goal to make him smile and laugh each time I saw him as I’m sure dealing with homeowners can be exhausting.  I basically had my design in mind, showed them what I wanted and they made it happen in a timely manner.  Vinnie even gave me the compliment that I was a fun homeowner to work with.  Edan gave me the compliment that he loved my design and I will never forget either of those.  Coming from professionals, you know you did something right.  Remodeling a house can be extremely stressful, as it was the previous time, but I had a lot of fun and was a mixture of excited and sad when the project ended.”

Cheri Silveira

"Ira and his team of skilled professionals at Asturi Construction executed the design flawlessly and in record time. It was very important that the restaurant be closed for construction as few days as possible. They assured me the project would be completed in four days, and much to my surprise, we reopened on the fifth day as promised."

Jim Magglos | Waypoint Cafe