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By Ira Asturi

The kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms to upgrade. Today’s standards for what makes a kitchen beautiful and functional are a big change from decades past. Electrical upgrades and lighting are essential to any renovation, especially with the newest appliances and features that are standard in the contemporary kitchen. It all can be so confusing, from understanding beam spread to CRI (color rendering index) index. I’m a general contractor certified in aging-in-place design and a strong background in electrical services with a specialty in lighting and here are a few tips:

  • Natural lighting is best. Adding a skylight or larger windows will make a big difference in daylight levels and create a welcoming effect that you will appreciate as you drink your morning coffee.
  • Your kitchen upgrade should start with designing a functional workspace. Adding lights where you need them the most, such as above countertops, sinks and cooktops.
  • Under cabinet lights are essential to illuminate the countertop work- spaces. Proper placement is essential if you want to have an effective workspace.
  • Design in ambient light, to help you see without turning on every light in the kitchen. Recessed lights and track lighting are a great option to light the floor and bounce light off cabinet fronts to create a bright, well-lit space.
  • Adding toe-kick lighting underneath cabinets and islands is also a great way to help prevent stubbing toes at night, same for above cabinet lighting and in-drawer lighting.
  • Consider the lighting color that will work best with the style of your kitchen. Do you want warm, yellow tones or a more neutral whiter light? LED lighting has come a long way from the harsh blue we associate with it to offering a range of color temperatures. Use a consistent color temp across all fixtures to coordinate the look.
  • Over the island is the best spot for dramatic pendant fixtures that reflect the design and beauty of your kitchen. Kitchen islands have become the essential design element that creates a center for cooking, seating and entertaining. Many luxury kitchen designs forgo a bar in favor of a larger island with a lot of seating.
  • Don’t forget the dimmers. Light levels should set the mood from functional bright prep time to dramatic, subtle dining time is where CRI should be consistent and proper lumens.

Keep in mind that our eyes require more light as we age. So if you anticipate staying in your home during your senior years or if your parents are frequent guests, design more light into the original plan, you can always control the light levels if you have installed dimmers, this is where in-drawer lighting goes from a luxury upgrade to an essential feature. Aging-in-place design and great lighting are key features for the elder community. All of this can be designed into your kitchen from the initial planning and permitting stage so that your kitchen can be stylish and functional for your lifestyle.



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Understanding the Design Build Advantage

By Edan Asturi

As a designer I am accustomed to listening to my clients; what they want, what they need and, in many ways, the most important part of the project, the design or distinctive appearance they love. In the initial preplanning and preliminary design phase I like to spend a lot of time getting a feel for their sense of style and expectations. The more I get a feel for their aesthetic the easier it is to design something that reflects it.

So where does the design build factor come into play? Our studio likes to start with a very integrated team from concept to completion.

The production of a residence today is no longer simple. Building codes and what’s essential to meet current standards are a given and I like to design homes that have the future integrated into the plans. From smart home technology to color and finish trends. The message is that it’s essential to have a coordinated team of client, designer and builder from the start; it saves time in production and can make a big difference in the cost of a project. Working as a coordinated team can streamline the process immeasurably and result in a higher level of design and luxury. A benefit for having a contractor involved as early as possible is budget feedback. We want the client to be "in control" of the budget and the responsibility is upon the contractor to provide the budget feedback in realtime as the design is being developed to ensure we remain aligned with the client’s goals as we continue through the process.

At its best design build offers better quality, a faster project timeline as well as efficient project management.  When the builder is included in the preliminary design process, rapid communication and collaboration can produce an extraordinary result where aesthetics and technology are concerned. In short, if everyone is on the same page, focusing on the plan, it all works out to your best advantage.

As a luxury design-build studio, our team works closely with structural engineers and artisans whose talents are capable of creating the kind of work we require. We also frequently bring an interior designer in at the planning stage for their input on the design. Depending on the level of luxury and style required; audio-visual specialists and lighting designers can be a part of planning, saving valuable time.

My father is a builder and early on I learned how to build quality homes from him. I chose to bring my experience in building into the design world. I take great pride in a job well done.



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How good design can help protect your home from fires

Edan Asturi | Conrad Asturi Studios Inc.

The devastation fires in California created has really opened our eyes to reality. That’s why it’s now essential to include fire resistance concepts into any home and landscape whether it’s a new build, remodel, or upgrade. Some forethought and attention to your home can make all the difference as to whether your home will make it through a fire.

Some Quick Tips:


A minimum defensible space of 100 feet around your home is required by California law.

Defensible space is everything where your home’s landscaping is concerned. Monterey’s resource management agency recommends removal of flammable vegetation encircling your home to 30 feet “the green zone” or to the property line and then the next 70 feet maintained to provide a reduced fuel zone “the management zone”

Keep your roof free of leaves and branches as well as trimming and pruning adjacent or overhanging trees.

Trees should be trimmed periodically of any dead branches within 10 feet of the ground, making sure to remove limbs 6 feet from the ground.

Cut plants and grasses beneath tree canopies to prevent fires from spreading to the trees.

Top off shrubs and plants rather than removing all vegetation, they play a valuable role in holding the soil in place and stop erosion. UC division of Agriculture says to think of the 30-foot radius as the lean, clean and green zone, if your property is large then the next 70-foot radius should be a reduced fuel zone.

“During the Atlas fire, we were protected by the defensible space that was integrated into our home's design. We were grateful, everything from the way our home was sited and designed, to the vineyard planted surrounding it kept our home safe and sound”
Ginger Martin | Sonoma

Home Design

Exterior fires (those starting outside of structures) account for approximately 50 percent of all fires in rural and suburban areas.

I have 20 years of experience in the residential design and build industry in California. Our firm designed many homes in Sonoma and all of the homes we designed survived the Atlas, Tubbs and Nunn’s canyon fires in the wine country with very little damage. All were designed with the terrain in mind; materials were chosen for beauty and durability, exterior hardscapes and landscapes were designed for great indoor/outdoor lifestyles but also proved key for protecting the home.

If you are considering building a new home or remodeling, your fire resistance can be integrated into the design from the start. Choice of exterior materials, a fire resistant roof and gutter guards can make a huge difference in the basic fire resistance of your home. Also, if your property is gated as many of the homes in Pebble Beach are make sure there is a clear way for firefighter access, if a fire starts, those few extra minutes can save your home.

While there is no way to make a home 100% wildfire proof inside and out you always have the option of making it as fire resistant as possible.



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